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8D Mooves Session 1 – Full body and Core exercises


hi 8D Mooves-ians,

Kickstart your core training by watching this video. In this video, it include warm up, full body and core exercises and cool down.You are not require to complete all the exercises. If you set aside 30minutes to exercise, you can focus on first 3 exercises.

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core exercise

90 Days To be a Tone and Beautiful bride👰

Day 1 (2 November 2018)
Weight 48kg
Fat 24.6 | taget 21%
Visceral fat 2.5
Resting Metabolism 1105
BMI 20.3
Age 28
Muscle 27.2
Decrease my fat% to 21% (I’m not losing my weight but convert the fats to muscles.)
Focus losing fats on my stomach and thighs.
Mood (noise) :😑
My muscles are losing , less motivated to exercise due to hectic work,late sleep
Mood change: 😄
Banana to boost my day, I want to start my day right by exercising, eat super food and feeling awesome!
First, you must find your big “WHY” you want to achieve your goal.
Tip: listen to relevant podcast can help you to think of more ideas while running. For me, Tony Robbins that’s for sure!