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90 Days To be a Tone and Beautiful bride👰

Day 1 (2 November 2018)
Weight 48kg
Fat 24.6 | taget 21%
Visceral fat 2.5
Resting Metabolism 1105
BMI 20.3
Age 28
Muscle 27.2
Decrease my fat% to 21% (I’m not losing my weight but convert the fats to muscles.)
Focus losing fats on my stomach and thighs.
Mood (noise) :😑
My muscles are losing , less motivated to exercise due to hectic work,late sleep
Mood change: 😄
Banana to boost my day, I want to start my day right by exercising, eat super food and feeling awesome!
First, you must find your big “WHY” you want to achieve your goal.
Tip: listen to relevant podcast can help you to think of more ideas while running. For me, Tony Robbins that’s for sure!
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