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One Pan Cook – Garlic Herb Chicken with Vegetables In 20 mins 

 Preparing a healthy and delicious Singapore food with no guilt. This recipe is popular for a couple of reasons:

1. Easy clean up – All in one pan 
2. Flavour – Combination of herbs and seasoning along with minced garlic, onion and butter, is like a party in your mouth.


1. Peel off chicken layer of fats 
2. Marinate it with your seasoning ( I use Parsley, Oregano leaves, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika ground from MasterFoods)
3. Wash and cut vegetables 

Cooking process 
1. Melt some butter , stir in garlic, onion and herbs 
2. Add the chicken meat 
3. Chicken meat turn brown and flip 
4. After both side chicken meat turn brown ,scoot the chicken meat aside and throw in asparagus with a tad more butter 
5. Cook green asparagus till tender 

As a Chinese asian, I add on Quinoa as my healthy carbohydrate which will break down slowly , releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream. 

Preparation for Quinoa 
1. Rinse Quiona 
2. Pour the quiona and water into the rice cooker (1 cup of quiona : 2 cups of water)
3. Add in salt and turn on the rice cooker 

And that’s it! Your delicious dinner is ready to go with whole lot of flavor and less work involved.

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